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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum. Here on I publish articles and post links about a range of topics.

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Van het gas af als kleinverbruiker

Deze week kreeg ik de jaarafrekening voor mijn energieverbruik. Gasverbruik het afgelopen jaar was 275 m³. De kosten hiervan zijn verbazend ingewikkeld opgebouwd, maar het komt erop neer dat van de € 381,48 die ik betaalde € 168 vaste kosten waren en € 213 voor de 275 kubieke meter gas. Was ik een gemiddelde appartementsbewoner geweest (875 m³ per jaar) dan zou ik 465 euro meer betaald hebben.

Wat ik me afvroeg is wat het gaat betekenen wanneer ik van het gaf af moet (of wil)...

Volledig artikel / permalink - geplaatst 2020-08-08

More comet hunting

It was reasonably clear again yesterday night, so I tried shooting the comet from my balcony, which worked pretty well despite the two streetlights illuminating the camera:

I then went to a dark place just outside the city, and took this shot:

The blue in the first photo is probably due to the auto white balance taking some foreground that I cropped out into account. Soon after I started shooting, mist came rolling in, which may explain that the detail wasn't better in the second shot.

Apart from that, the comet head clearly looks greenish here (click on the second photo to see a larger version), and the comet has moved a surprising distance between the first shot at 0:09 and the second at 1:37.

Same 105 mm f/2.8 macro lens wide open, ISO 1000 for the first shot, ISO 1600 for the second.

Permalink - posted 2020-07-19

Comet hunting

Earlier this week, I read that there's a comet that's visible. It's called C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), but I'll call it Neowise for short, after the space telescope that found it.

Read the article - posted 2020-07-18

Even more BASIC: PC-BASIC on the Mac

After my BASICODE adventures a few days ago, I really wanted to see if I could run a BASICODE game on my VT420 terminal.

Full article / permalink - posted 2020-07-06

BASICODE: software distribution by radio broadcast in the 1980s

In 2009, I started an effort to digitize all my cassette tapes. As my last computer that still has a line in port is facing retirement, I decided to finally finish that project. Perhaps more about this later. Turns out some of these old cassettes have weird things on them, including radio broadcasts that contain computer programs.

Full article / permalink - posted 2020-07-04

COVID-19: tien miljoen besmettingen en een half miljoen doden wereldwijd...

Image link - posted 2020-06-28

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