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Some of my favorite podcasts

Posted 2013-09-13

Anyone who's been reading my stuff on Ars Technica will know that I love podcasts. I'm always adding new ones to my rotation and retiring ones that have run their course for one reason or another. So I thought I'd share some of my current favorites with you.

Two fairly new podcasts that I like a lot are Just The Tip and Clockwise. Just The Tip (RSS, iTunes): "Internet rapscallions Amy Jane Gruber and Paul Kafasis try to make you laugh, in thirty minutes or less." It defies description, but somehow it works. Bonus: unlike most other weekly podcasts, it usually drops early in the week.

Clockwise (RSS, iTunes) comes from TechHive, the home of Macworld and PCWorld. Don't let the gimmicky format used in the first episode deter you, it quickly fades into the background, but it does allow them to get through a whole bunch of topics with a relatively large group of participants in about thirty minutes. A breath of fresh air compared to uninspired episodes of the Accidental Tech Podcast (RSS, iTunes) or The Talk Show (RSS, iTunes)—although I keep listening to those just in case there's an inspired episode, in which case their excessive length is a boon.

The Nature Podcast (RSS, iTunes) and Freakonomics Radio (RSS, iTunes) are a bit overproduced (I really hate that "coming up..." stuff! Come on people, I'm already listening), but not to be missed.

Philosophy Bites is not for everyone, but if you're interested in philosophy, there's a lot of good (bite-sized) stuff there. Be sure to check out the website, because the RSS feed doesn't have the back episodes.

For some strange reason I don't listen to any Dutch language podcasts except public radio programs. If anyone has any tips for Dutch (or English!) podcasts, send me an email or Twitter me.

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