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About that third-party lightning cable for my iPhone

Posted 2013-12-16

Last month I posted a picture of the lightning cable I got for € 6.29 at my local super market—a third of what Apple charges.

At first, it seemed to work well except for this warning that pops up when I connect it to my iPhone 5:

Then Apple released an iOS update and after that, I thought the cable didn't work anymore: when I connected the iPhone to the computer using the cable, nothing would happen. Fortunately, it wasn't quite that bad: retrying a few times, especially when switching USB ports, will eventually make the charging and syncing work. Although sometimes the charging just stops after some time.

So it looked like I had a just-barely-functional cable on my hands. But then I used it with a non-Apple USB charger every day for a week, without any issues at all. So it looks like using a third-party lightning cable with a third-party USB charger works a lot better than using the cable with a computer. Just so you know.

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