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Hue bridge IP address:

Hue bridge key / username:

How to find the above

Name Type Lumen Bright Color

Brightness: 50%

Color temperature: 4000K

Transition time: 0.2 seconds

enter refresh ? don't adjust color temperature _

Click on a light name to hide a light or on its max lumen value to turn the light on and off.

None of the information you enter on this page will be transmitted to the webserver. No cookies. However, your browser will transmit the key / username to the system with the name or IP address you entered in the Hue bridge IP address field. So make sure that's really your Hue bridge.

Please note that Philips/Signify is in the process of migrating the Hue API from HTTP to HTTPS. You are visiting this page over HTTP. If that doesn't work, try loading this page over HTTPS.