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IBM Model F (1981) IBM Model M (1985) Logitech (PC) (2015) Unicomp Classic 104 (2017) Standard PC (2020)
Apple Mac (1984) Apple (1986) Apple standard (1987) Apple extended (1987) Apple (2003) Apple (2013) Logitech (Apple) (2015) Apple (2020)
DEC LK201 (1982) Atari ST (1985) Amiga (1985) Amiga (1987) Sun type 5 (1990)

Use the left and right cursor keys to move between either PC or Apple keyboards, or up and down to navigate all keyboards by year. You can toggle between the current and last with return.

It's interesting to see how much has stayed the same over 40 years, and also how some keys have been moved around, as well as the differences between Apple's keyboards and the standard PC keyboard.

Some keyboards use the ANSI layout with a wide return key and a wide left shift key, while others use an ISO layout with a tall return key and a narrow left shift, allowing for an extra key between shift and Z. ANSI is used in the US, ISO in most of Europe, so most keyboards are available in both configurations.

Note that Apple uses the name "option" for the alt key. I'm using alt here to keep the nomenclature the same across different keyboard makers.