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Internet Routing with BGP, my new e-book, is now available from Amazon, Apple and Google     (posted 2022-11-18)

The book is now available through Amazon in Kindle format, Apple Books in EPUB format and the Google Play Store in PDF and EPUB formats. The price is US$ 9.99 or € 9.99 (or similar in other currencies).

The PDF version has the best formatting, so I recommend that version if you're reading on a computer with a relatively big screen. The EPUB version is also good, but you may have to change the font size and/or sometimes rotate your reader to landscape for the router output examples to show properly. With the Kindle version, that output looks a bit different.

Book description:

The internet is “a network of networks”. It's made up of tens of thousands of largely independent networks, but somehow the users of one network can communicate with the users of any of the other networks. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the glue that binds these disparate networks together.

BGP is a routing protocol: its main job is to allow each network to learn which ranges of IP addresses are used where, so packets can flow along the correct route.

However, BGP has a more difficult job to do than other routing protocols. Yes, it has to make the packets reach their destination, but BGP also has to pay attention to the business side: those packets only get to flow over a network link if either the sender or the receiver pays for the privilege.

This book covers the fundamentals of the technical side of BGP, and also looks at the intersection between the technical and business aspects of internet routing.

The book contains 40 configuration examples that readers can try out on their own computer in a “BGP minilab”.

You can read several sample chapters in PDF format or as an EPUB e-book.

The book is also available directly from me as a site license.

Full details at the book description page.

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