Files in area [25] - [Demo's]

1    BOING.LHA        22k De klassieke "boing" demo uit de begindagen van d...
2    PARADOX.LZH      60k 60K Intro van Paradox - Paar hele mooie plasma ef...
3    9FINGER1.DMS    801k Snelle house/dance videoclip demo! Net echt! Disk...
4    9FINGER2.DMS    806k House/dance videoclip demo disk 2.
5    CULTURE_SPASM.  318k First Megademo From SPASM (France) !GREAT!
6    HAPPY_NY_SPASM   80k A little demo for the New Year .... From SPASM (F...
7    MTVDEMO.LHA     195k Oude technodemo.
8    BRAINDRAIN.DMS  302k BrainDrain by Dual Crew
9    UPFRONT_PLASTI  466k Plastic Passion by Upfront 
10   CDN-HOMY.LHA     72k New intro by Cydonia S.A.
11   BAMBOOZE.LHA    452k Demo "Bam Booze" van Neoplasia
12   THEDEEP_A.DMS   514k Music Disk by QLander
13   THEDEEP_B.DMS   576k Music Disk by QLander
14   GFORCE-FINAL.L  123k Assembly'94 introwinnaar (AGA, OCS & FREEFLIGHT! ...
15   GFORCE-OCSFIX.   40k Assembly'94 introwinnaar fix voor OCS.
16   DST-PSP.LHA     277k No.1 at TheParty4 FastIntroCompo
17   MOONSTONE1.LHA   96k Intro by Moonstone/Joaquin Gray. Fairly simple.
18   NEXUS7.LHA      782k Winner of Party94 demo by Andromeda
19   GIGATRONPRIMAL  244k Compodemo from HackX by Gigatron
20   ANSIINTRO.LHA    27k Ansi Intro by JTS/FRX. KS 1.3 only.